Handling Principles and Processes
Welcome to the Director-General’s Public Opinion Mailbox. If you have any comments or questions related to the Tourism Administration, please send them to this mailbox and we will address them as soon as possible.

To ensure that you receive a reply, a confirmation letter will be automatically sent to your email address once your comment is received. Please make sure to click the link in the confirmation letter within 7 days. Letters without confirmation will not be accepted.

一、Processing principles:

(一)As per Article 173 of the Administrative Procedure Act, in any of the following circumstances, the petition may be left unattended to:

1、Where the petition gives no concrete substance or does not give true name or address.

2、Where the petition is a repeat or further repeat of the same matter which has been appropriately dealt with and clearly answered.

3、Where the authority receiving the petition is not competent to deal with the subject matter of the petition and the petitioner is found to have filed similar petitions to different authorities regarding the same matter.

(二)The Administration reserves the right not to provide an opinion or otherwise reply to messages that have the following issues:

1、Messages that are provocative, lack a truthful basis, involve a personal attack, are defamatory/abusive, are vulgar/indecent, expose private information or contain insinuations.

2、Re-postings of unverified reports or other people’s articles, URLs or blog links.

(三)Personal information included in messages to the mailbox shall be used only for processing petition issues and not for any other purposes.

1、As administrative agencies have legal and delineated areas of responsibility , when messages are received in the mailbox that relate to issues outside this Administration’s scope of responsibility, the message will be forwarded to a relevant competent authority (or authorities) for reply. The personal basic information of the sender (e.g. name, contact number, email address) will be transferred with the message to any such authorities.

2、If a message includes content or identities that require confidentiality, or if sending an email would entail a security risk, individuals may send the Administration a hand-written letter. The letter should be identified with a “Confidential” indication.

二、Email writing steps:

Email writing steps. Step 1, Complete the contact information and content areas, then submit the message. Step 2, The system will automatically reply with a confirmation letter. Step 3, The sender should click on the confirmation letter whihin 7 days. Step 4, The Administration will then process the message and reply to it. Step 5, After receiving the Administration's reply the sender may submit a satisfaction survey.